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Casa da Esperança Cubatão website ✨ ✨

Casa da Esperança Cubatão non-governmental organisation (NGO) website built with sveltkit that enables the NGO to provide information related to their services, accounting (consumed via rest-api, please refer to next session for more information) as well as make sure that the NGO is visible and able to gather funds online.

Technicalities: The website is build with Sveltekit, has a google lighthouse score evaluation over 90% (76% Performance, 93% Accessibility, 100% Best Practices, 100% SEO), server side rendered and it uses JSDocs for typing.

Checkout the project

Casa da Esperança Cubatão service management system ✨ ✨

System responsible for providing an interface where user can register appointments, manage them and keep record of children in social vulnerability assistance. The system has enable the NGO to improve their service quality, perfomance and overall satisfaction from the internal employees and end users.

Technicalities: The system is build as a React Single Page application, using material ui framework for interface components. It consumes a rest API based on Strapi headless CMS, hosted on a cloud based infrastructure on Digital Ocean