Vanderlei Alves

Vanderlei Alves

A guy who makes your point
by coding their actions.
That rocks, dance and travels
for fun.

I hope you enjoy
this piece of technology
and if you don’t mind
leave a message then we could talk more.


Front-end code that rocks!

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News builder

An easy-to-use newsletter builder sollution.

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Master mind

An interactive user interface designed to mastermind players.

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Shop Botões

A Wordpress e-commerce based, that offers all kinds of buttons.

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[[[ Let's Rock!!! ]]]

50 To 500

Are the average lines of code written daily by programmers, so why not to make this trip more comfortable and relaxing?

Frontend focused developer, coding lover that is constantly aiming improvements on efficiency, maintainability, usability, reliability and security in web based softwares.

An IT professional of course, but also, in the meanwhile, an electric guitar player, ballroom dancer, travel fan and motorcycle admirer, because life is not only made by softwares and computers.

FrCode is all about that, it’s about front-end, code awesome and other funny stuffs.

Partners: Rafael Monteiro | Diego Souza | Gabriel Olivério

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Ganghoferstraße 39, 80339 Munich - Germany
Email: vanderlei.alves.da.silva@gmail.com
Telephone: +49 17686314967