Why hackathon

24 May 2016

Have you already thought or even heard about it!? Have you already give it a try? If so, you’ll probably understand my point here, if you didn’t then stay with me that I’ll show you how amazing and challenging this kind of event can be. So fellows, it’s time to get a ride on a hackathon!


Firstly let’s cover a lexical definition:

A planned hacking run that is intended to last for about a week with lots of hackers. The term was first used in 2005 by the Apache Foundation and the OpenBSD Project, among others. Well, you may not considered yourself as a hacker, and in fact nowadays the term is used in a more general way, just referring to any event when programmers / designers or any IT related professional meet each other (personally or remotely) to do collaborative tasks for a short period of time.

Mastermind up to 48 hours

Here it comes the challenge, in the past weekend I engaged an awesome hackathon which Canadian companies had posted projects to be developed in a weekend. Challenges for front-end, back-end and designers professionals.

My team has chosen the mastermind game challenge from AxiomZen, a game that players are required to guess a secret code, which is consisted of 8 different or equal colored balls. Checkout here the project.

We’ve developed a front-end application based on AngularJS, with some back-end functionalities made on CodeIgniter and MongoDB, that consumes AxiomZen API Rest.

What we’ve learned

By having to deal with such a short time, we gotta be focused and disciplined. We’ve learned how to quickly answer to unexpected events and moreover trust in each other. And of course, by the end we could add a new item to our portfolio and experience as well.

Now is your turn

For those that get excited with the idea, Devpost is a great platform for playing hackathons, so just go there, chose your challenge, have fun and last but no least have a (lot) drinks of coffee. Cheers!!

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